Welcome to WotStudios located in Nth Melbourne.
The studio has been operational for over two decades, and in that time has housed and worked with many creatives both locally and internationally, previous (and some current) artists include:
HAHA(NZ), Pheelix, Rodney Paine, AWOL crew (Int.), Marianne Sebetti, Nelio(France), Lidlewing, Lastnight Jewellery, Michael Fikaris & Silent-Army, Jack Pascoe, DMZ crew(France), ID crew, Al Stark, Rob Last, Nick Ives and many, many more....

We  offer a range of Art services at WotStudios:
*  Installation ( Hanging Art) & Arts  Projects/Event managment.
* Creative consultancy (our ART-THINK-TANK).
* Studio-Space (hosting a number of studios).
* Open-studio, small events and educational-programs.
* Private and Small-Group/workshop tution.

If you are seeking information about private tutoring, or the small-group classes we host here,
please 'like' our facebook page or follow our blog for updated details...or drop us an email below!


Pheelix also has a YouTube channel where he does online teaching, a studio podcast and more..

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Educational Resources!

Here's some of the classes/workshops we currently offering to Schools,
community-groups and other organisations:
(...and privately tutor on a One-on-One/small group basis)

* City Gallery Walking-Tours and studio-visits.
Designed to help teachers and students meet requirements and introduce students to the Arts-Industry.
Having worked in both small and major galleries;  we have a great walking tour to offer, with visits to both National Gallery of Victoria locations, a range od smaller galleries(depending on whats showing) and potentailly a studio visit to Wot, or our associated studios in the inner city. Tours can be arranged to meet specific objectives or artists, and prices vary depending on group sizes.

* Street-Art 101 (responsible Graffiti) 
There are a number of subjects we cover in this class, from the history of Graffiti/Street-Art to lettering and safe use of spray-paint. (For teenagers and Adults alike)

* Bonsai & Botanical Art.
Discover the art of plants and landscapes, either through drawing or painting.
(This can be through a workshop or class, or one on one tutoring-  also in a series of 'pop-us' workshops and demonstrations at nurseies and gardening centres, follow us on Facebook/blog for event dates)

(Slightly subversive horticulture, both for children and adults. Learn about plants and the city we share)

* Drawing, Painting & Visual Art History subjects.
 (From beginner to Advanced, and are tailored to the students)

A professional development (PD) class in the Arts, designed for High-School students, Undergraduate University students and Careers Advisors.
This subject is both practical and philosophical and invites discussion on how to develop and create careers in the Arts Industry.

A non-religious, non-denominational look at "Mindfulness" practises and how they can help to improve concentration, promote creativity and reduce anxiety and stress.
Based in neuroscience and zen meditation practises, this discussion-based workshop is designed to assist individuals to not only control their mind but also allow for lateral thinking, problem solving and introduce the value of contemplation to not only for learning but for everyday life, relationships and personal issues.

We are also proud to be working with a number of public and private schools, and other organizations like City LLEN to offer a few students the chance to come and work with us at WotStudios. Thios is a rare opperuntity and applications should be made well in advance as places are limited!!

WotStudios  also works with SILENTARMY to bring you a number of classes and workshops:
* Illustration and Publication (comics, zines and self-publishing)
* Drawing (Comics, Nature, Abstract, Still-Life and Figurative)
* Stencil-Art and print-making.
* Library and After-Schools programs.
Street-Photography and more...
For more information, contact Micheal @SilentArmy via  Silentarmy.org

We are also proud to be associated with LanewayLearning, and offer some workshops through them-  please visit http://www.lanewaylearning.com to find out more about the fantastic range of workshops they host.

If you are seeking PRIVATE TUTORING
we cater for a range of subjects and different age groups:

* High-School (all levels from junior to senior, Art and Sociology)
* Art-fun (primary aged students, small-groups & kids parties)
* University (undergraduate 1-3yrs) Studio-Arts & Sociology.
* Private Practise (for individuals who just want to make art, at whatever age or stage and regardless of previous experience)

The first meeting/class is free (half hour introduction and assessment) and we charge $30/hr every session there-after.
(We do a in-home meeting, a School visit or studio visit- depending on the students location and needs)

All our Artists/teachers have a "Working with children check" and basic First-Aid, and have been vetted with police-checks.

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You can find us at:
8 Weirs Lane
Nth Melbourne, 3051

Open studios, events and shows are linked through our facebook page, blog & other social media #wotstudios

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